The Language of Parenting David Frees and Redwire Press  The Language of Parenting David Frees and Redwire Press

"Communicating effectively and empathetically
is an art--with parents and children especially.
Here, David Frees is a grand master."
- Steve Forbes
Father of Five, President and Editor-in-Chief
of Forbes Magazine

"A practical, good-humored guide to improving
communications with your children--or just about
anyone. Frees' genius is to make his sensible advice
both clear-cut and appealing. The Language of Parenting
brings his persuasive power into every reader's reach."
- Carol McD. Wallace
Author of Elbows off the Table

"Mothers and fathers of all ages should read this book. 
David Frees is funny and The Language of Parenting
is practical, effective, and enjoyable. If you want to      
encourage a child in school, build better relations, or    
just feel better, then use this book!"                             
- Marie Mongan                              
Author, Mother and Founder of the               
Hypnobirthing Institute                       

"Whether you are a new parent, raising teens, or simply
renewing relationships with adult children, this book is a
gold mine of exceptional information. The Language of
is not an academic exercise. Dave Frees
understands what really works. What a treasure you
will find within its pages. I predict that you will wear it out
with good use."
- Dottie Walters
Author of Speak and Grow Rich,
CEO and Mother.

"The Language of Parenting is an exciting, upbeat,
and compelling review of ideas for enhanced
communication and relationships. Frees' clear,
concise and enthusiastic writing is hard to resist
and this inspiring and practical guidebook for
parents reveals skills and strategies every reader will use."
- Frederick Wirth, M.D.
Author of Prenatal Parenting,
Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Tufts University School of Medicine,
and Founder of the Institute for Perinatal Education

Customer Reviews

Highly recommended, August 10, 2004
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See all my reviews
The Language Of Parenting: Building Great Family Relationships At All Ages is a guide designed to help parents better understand and apply proven communication techniques to aid their children's growth, learning, and development. From the importance of avoiding confusion, to the need to hold one's ground firm with younger children especially, the power that lies in humor, and much more, The Language Of Parenting is a superb resource to bridge the seemingly incomprehensible and insurmountable gender gap. Highly recommended.

(Taken from

Refreshing, Enthusiastic and Applicable, June 18, 2004
Reviewer: Nicole Williams (USA) - See all my reviews
David Frees's book reminds the reader that learning is a process that should be established and continued throughout life. This book focuses on the importance of communication as a two way street and provides ways for the reader to examine the quality and efficiency of their own skills. Frees concentrates on the ability to be a listener as highly important when it comes to communication and values guidance over instruction when it comes to parenting. This book inspires you to cast assumptions aside and let your children surprise you with how capably they apply creativity to solve their own dilemmas.

(Taken from

Communication Techniques for Life, June 2, 2004
Reviewer: Rebecca Johnson

"The quality of my communication is the quality of the response I get." ~David Frees

David Frees is a communication consultant and the creator of Quantum Communication programs. He also lectures internationally and is considered to be a master communicator. In "The Language of Parenting," he presents solutions for the highly complex issues that can develop in a parent/child relationship.

His book is divided into four main sections:

1. Building a Foundation: Quantum Learning and Enhanced Communication.

2. The Strategies of Great Communicators: Desired Results, The Beauty of Silence, Listening, Limits of Language and Building Rapport.

3. Tactics, Tools and Skills of Effective Communication: Avoiding Negation, Models of Creativity, Embedded Suggestions and the Power of Humor.

4. Frequently Asked Questions & Parent Resources: Questions about school age children, teenagers, adult children and teenagers. There is also a section for expectant and new parents.

I immediately appreciated the larger font size and the text was especially easy to read. This book is really a summary of all the lessons David Frees has learned throughout his life. He includes scientific research, action plans, wise and funny quotes and bold text to emphasize important points. Many chapters contain a Reminder and Action section so you can put the ideas to work almost immediately. You might find one or two of the ideas helpful and then you can write them in your journal.

While this book is a somewhat serious study of communication, there are some moments of interest when you will enjoy David's humor. I especially like when he puts text all in CAPS to really get your attention. Especially as he says: "you should consider the following belief" and then he really makes his point.

The section on how we process words in different ways was interesting. Do you see words as pictures, as the words themselves or do they produce feelings? He also gives reasons to why e-mail should not be used for complex emotional issues.

David also answers these questions:

How do you eliminate fights and foster positive communication?

What is the best way to approach my child about premarital sex, drinking, and drugs?

Is there really a list of proven communication techniques that encourage children to live happier, healthier and more confident lives?

The Language of Parenting is a highly organized collection of parenting wisdom and communications techniques. David teaches you so many excellent life skills. You can really use most of these skills in everyday communication.

(Taken from

Wisdom and Passion - A must read for all people, October 1, 2003
Reviewer: mateergb1 from Berwyn, PA United States
"I've read quite a number of 'self help' books over the last few years and I find this book a unique learning experience because: Prior to discussing the topic of the title, Mr. Frees gives a perspective on learning. He is clear on the different types of learning (some people do not know that there are different ways of learning) and I appreciated the focus on peak learning environments. We all have them and if you read this book you will begin to know how to identify yours. In addition, a strategy is established for the reader ... defining a strategy is not a unique concept but Mr. Frees' reminder gets the reader to establish goals and strategies in reading the book... result .... more learning. Mr. Frees reviews effective communication .... . His discussion on congruency is one that all people can take and use each day in both their business and personal lives. The writing in this book is clear and the concepts are powerful for everyday living. Mr. Frees understands the concepts that are the foundation of a peaceful life ...a good example is his discussion on 'beliefs'. I am very grateful for the teachers that have passed along their knowledge. Communicating is Mr. Frees' wisdom and passion."
(Taken from

The Language of Parenting, September 29, 2003
Reviewer: Aaron Aldridge from Orem, UT United States
"David Frees has very articulately presented ways to help me become the parent I want to be. I loved the humor and the insight Mr. Frees so masterfully blends together. I'm always striving to discover new ways to enhance my children's love for learning. This book is filled with them! If you are a parent, or work with children, this IS a must read."
(Taken from

 The Language of Parenting David Frees and Redwire Press

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